Pooping in the woods is simple when you use Squat Strap!  It is the perfect solution to poop in the woods in a sanitary way – and gives you ultimate freedom for all your outdoor adventures and offers worry free exploration so you can put your tent anywhere and most anywhere can become an outdoor toilet when nature calls.


Children poop in the woods, even though this raises many concerns for parents.  Squat Strap is easy for children of most any age to take one of those usually inconvenient “I gotta go to the bathroom” outdoor poop demands—keeping them safe from coming into contact with bacteria, fungus and poisonous plants.


Squat Strap is the best poop in the woods product there is, but let’s face it, you don’t have to be camping or hiking for the urge to hit you – we all poop!  Whether fighting a wildland fire, falling trees, on construction sites or performing landscape maintenance outdoors, navigating that outdoor pooping “call of nature” is as easy as 1, 2, 3.  Just make sure no one is around!

Customers invent new uses for Squat Strap

“Hauling wood for the camp fire can be a real pain—so I decided to get creative. Squat Strap was great for carrying firewood!” – Kim, Ashland, Oregon


Squat Strap is the best poop in the woods product!

“Bears do live in the woods, and I forgot the rope. Thank God for Squat Strap.” Ben, Seattle, Washington



Squat Strap, the sanitary way to poop in the forest!

We got soaked going through the rapids and luckily Squat Strap makes a great clothing line.” Jamie, Santa Monica, California



Squat Strap solves the problem of pooping in the woods!

Poop Outdoors the Sanitary Way with Squat Strap

Poop Outdoors ProductsPoop Outdoors with Squat Strap

Poop outdoors?  Outdoor lovers everywhere can now hike, climb, camp and kayak anywhere without worry thanks to Squat Strap®, a new innovative trail hygiene product to poop in the forest or pee in the great outdoors. Including Squat Strap to your camping gear or backpack only adds 4 ounces. Yet, these 4 ounces give you piece of mind so you can concentrate on tackling the mountain, or fishing in that new found stream, rather than those pesky calls of nature. 

You see, Squat Strap helps to protect your exposed skin from coming into contact with bacteria, fungus, bugs, rodents and poisonous plants if you poop outdoors. It’s a far more sanitary option than simply squatting and hoping for the best.  When you poop outdoors, the issue of steadying yourself in a crouching position long enough to do the job can present for falling (or worse, falling backwards after going poop outdoors and into the mess – which presents great sanitary risks) and bodily injury (sharp branches, rocks, pinecones, pine needs, glass, animal carcass or bones, etc…).  Squat Strap keeps you elevated off the ground by supporting and balancing your body. You easily place Squat Strap around a tree or boulder, and then place it about your waist. After you are in a secure and stable position, you can let nature take care of the rest.

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